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The world hangs by a thin thread and that thin thread is the human psyche. – Carl Jung

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Dr. Thomas Lucking’s new book on social skills is now available here. How to Improve Your Social Skills starts from the beginning: the value of social skills and the benefits of how social skills can profoundly impact your well-being for good. The book then gets very practical with tips on small talk, assertiveness, and empathy. Specific social settings are addressed such as friendship. dating, workplace, and group situations.

Relationships are foundational to our health as a society. For those looking to build relationships from the ground up this book is a great place to start. All our providers use this book for those on the Autism spectrum, Neurodiverse couples, and anyone looking to improve emotional intelligence.

Whether it’s your intimate relationship, your family, friends, or your workplace, all our providers are highly skilled to help. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more.

We are Different

We do therapy and coaching differently. We’re not traditional. While time in session is important, we go beyond this to empower you outside of and between sessions. We equip you with the necessary resources to educate, inspire, and empower you — both inside and outside sessions. 

Not only will you receive the highest standard of care, but also access to the SVT Content Library. This is your go-to hub of resources designed by providers at Silicon Valley Therapy. We are committed to accelerate your journey of growth and transformation in ways you may never have experienced. 

We believe in complete transparency that is driven by an unwavering commitment to you. Interested in learning more about therapy and coaching plus? Contact us for a free phone consultation. We’d love to help you.

My husband and I have had serious trouble in our marriage for several years now and were just about to give up hope. We decided to reach out to Dr. Lucking after reading his profile. I just had a really good feeling about his philosophy and how he approaches therapy. After just the first visit, Dr. Lucking had given us tools to stop fighting and listen so we could prevent further damage from being done.

We are now a few months into our therapy journey, and this is the first time I feel heard and hopeful. Dr. Lucking doesn’t just listen, he gives you an action plan. In past experiences with other therapists, it has felt like an hour a week that is dedicated to arguing about who did what during the week. With Dr. Lucking, you get a chance to check in, but he gets you asking questions of yourself and each other, identifying your needs, and coming up with a plan to reach your goals. You get a homework assignment each week, which I love, because it encourages progress.

He also set me up with a life coach, Lisa Bartschat. She has been absolutely wonderful! She has helped me discover things about myself that I had buried deeply, and is helping me identify specific traits that are either holding me back or giving me strength. She is incredibly positive, a great listener, and very genuine. She truly believes in me, even when I have had a difficult time believing in myself.

I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with my therapist and coach. I highly recommend them. I am truly blessed to have found them, and they won’t give up on you! Please don’t give up before reaching out to them!

Bridget F.

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