Jyoti Nadhani, LMFT 119104

I am an Immigrant Tech-Entrepreneur-Turned Psychotherapist. I have first-hand understanding of the demanding schedules of entrepreneurs and others working in fast-paced work environments that can be taxing on physical and mental health.

Holistic healing is the best path to individual and relational well-being


Tech Employees & Entrepreneurs

  • Stressed or overworked, 
  • Struggling to balance work and family life
  • Worried about job loss or have lost a job, lacking a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Having difficulties or conflicts with colleagues, business partners,
  • or employees
  • Struggling with relationship grief or troubles in a relationship
  • Feeling unworthy or lacking self-confidence
  • Experiencing depression, lacking motivation

Immigrant and Multi-generational Families

  • With problems with your adolescent child or another family member
  • Stressed due to adjusting to a new country and culture
  • Facing financial stress and conflicts around money
  • Experiencing tensions between older generations and younger ones
  • Feeling stressed due to living in close quarters

Couples Therapy including Bi-racial Couples

  • Feeling disconnected from each other
  • Hardly speaking to each other anymore
  • Struggling with a breach in trust such as an affair
  • Worrying about their relationship ending
  • Wanting premarital counseling to get a strong start to their marriage

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stress, career, job burnout, immigrant, couples therapy