Team Coaching

Team Coaching

The coaching program at Silicon Valley Therapy is led by Dr. Thomas Lucking, PhD. Dr. Lucking supervises all our coaches so that all coaching is delivered at the highest level of care. All coaches have access to our wide library of tools that support the relational growth within coaching.

Coaching at Silicon Valley Therapy is done within a team-based model. This means you will have the opportunity, within licensing limits, to work with a coach as well as a therapist. Not everyone needs a therapist in addition to a coach but it does provide a higher level of care when that is needed. Each growth or treatment plan is customized for each individual, couple, or family. Your first session with your coach will be to determine if you need coaching only or a therapist as well to accelerate your progress. All Silicon Valley Therapy coaches have access to psychotherapists and a psychiatrist for consultation. This ensures that your coaching experience at Silicon Valley Therapy is backed by a wide variety of healthcare disciplines and a deep knowledge base.

Coaching and Neurodiversity

The team at Silicon Valley Therapy are specialists in Autism/Asperger’s, ADHD/ADD, and Neurodiverse relationships. All our providers work with these challenges and are highly skilled to identify and address the difficulties and opportunities these conditions bring. Your coach will assess the severity of these conditions and determine if coaching or therapy or both are appropriate for your situation.

Coaching Services

Coaching can help with all kinds of challenges including: claiming your voice in a relationship, dealing with a big life transition, working on your self-confidence, managing life overwhelm, improving boundaries, and establishing good habits. Coaching is centered around the following tasks:

  • Goal setting
  • Identifying and managing stress and pressure points
  • Developing and maintaining your life mission and vision
  • Analyzing performance and building on your strengths
  • Staying focused and motivated
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Developing a plan to stop putting energy into toxic situations or behavior
  • Establishing boundaries

Coaching and/or Therapy

Coaching focuses on the future while therapy focuses on the past. Coaching establishes action while therapy establishes insight. Coaching is solution-oriented and helps you establish concrete goals and action plans. Therapy tends to be trauma-based and helps unveil past experiences to define your current situations.

The two are different, yet they can work hand-in-hand when addressing certain issues. Sometimes we need therapy to identify experiences in our past to cope with our present. Other times, we need coaching to assess our present situation to plan our future. Whether you start with a coach or a therapist, your Silicon Valley Therapy provider will help you choose the right path that has the highest potential for reaching your goals.

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