Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Silicon Valley Therapy offers therapeutic supervised visitation. Therapeutic supervised visitation enables a parent to visit their children in a safe and appropriate environment with supervision provided by a mental health professional. Of the utmost priority is the safety and care of the children. This is to ensure that the children feel comfortable and do not experience any distress during the visit.

Direct observation of parenting practices supports the use of specific education that improves relationships with the children. Issues that prevent bonding and attachment with children can also be addressed. The mental health professional may invite the parent to meet separately from the children to provide ideas for a successful visit or education on building the parent-child relationship.

Therapeutic supervised visitation is commonly ordered through a legal process. There may be abuse or parental conflict involved in the process. Whenever there is an indication of trauma, abuse, or excessive conflict this type of visitation can be warranted and effective. Upon completion of therapeutic supervised visitation a report can be written with an assessment and next steps.

Therapeutic supervised visitation is not a replacement for family therapy, reunification therapy, or individual therapy. If you are uncertain about what services are best for you, contact us for a free consultation so we can help guide you to the best service to meet your needs.

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