“The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has happened.” – George Bernard Shaw

Communication is ground zero for all relationships. Successful communication drives trust, self-worth, belonging, and of course – intimacy. Repeated failed communication erodes trust, self-worth, belonging, and intimacy.

Intimacy can been understood as “in to me, you will see.” This seeing cannot happen without deep listening and purposeful communication.

Where communication problems are found one also finds emotional disconnect, distance, and eventually cutoff. Even the most compatible couples struggle with communication. Don’t fall into the trap that convinces you that all is well because we never fight! Intimacy grows much faster in the tough times. Most people get along when times are good. It’s the stressors in life that will come whcih determine the success of your relationship. Be ready! Get the skills and tools your relationship needs now. This sets you up for success in two ways:

  1. Strengthen your intimacy now
  2. Prepare you for managing future stressors successfully

Silicon Valley Therapy’s communication workshop gives you the information, skills, and tools you need to accomplish both of these goals. There is no shortage of challenging stressors and opportunties that surface in a couple’s life:

  • life transitions: births, deaths, empty nests, career transitions, retirement
  • finances
  • in-laws
  • sex
  • spirituality, religion, values
  • parenting
  • power sharing and responsibilities

Be prepared when you dive into the deep end of the pool where these issues reside. Know how to swim, know how to reach the other side. Silicon Valley Therapy’s Communication Workshop gives your relationship what it needs to stay afloat.

Silicon Valley Therapy’s Communication Workshops are delivered with a single couple or with multiple couples in a group format. The workshops can be customized to your specific needs and include the 7 modules listed below. Each module takes one hour to complete. The workshop can be delivered over a weekend or spread out over a number of weeks. Please contact Silicon Valley Therapy for more information on how to build a lasting foundation for your relationship.

  1. Theory – What is communication? What is good and bad communication? What are the obstacles to successful communication?
  2. Assessment – How good are we now at communicating? Individual personality and communication styles.
  3. Dialogues vs discussions – What is the difference and when to use each?
  4. Tools, Skills, and Structure for difficult conversations.
  5. Practice, implementation, and accountability.
  6. Past – Reconciliation of past wounds.
  7. Future – Vision for our relationship.

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